Thursday, August 16, 2018

Do you know these features of Samsung Galaxy S10?

Samsang Galaxy Note 9 'Official' Now look at Samsung Galaxy S10. Samsung galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are coming to the international market at the beginning of next year. Then there will be a lot of features of this phone. Let's take a look at them.

1. The S10 smartphone has a 5.8-inch screen and a 10-plus smartphone with a 6.3-inch display

2. The fingerprint sensor may be added in the display.

3. The specialty of the S10 smartphone will be camera technology. That's why Samsung, working with Israeli company Manitish Vision, to add 3D technology to the S10 smartphone camera.

3. This phone has a triple rear camera behind. However, there is no known what the third camera will bring about the change in the picture. It has 32 megapixels, 8 megapixels and five megapixel sensors. In the future, 10 percent of the Samsung galaxy phones are expected to launch triple cameras.

4. Dual camera in front of this phone. There will be a total of five cameras in all the cases. On the other hand, there are triple cameras in the Galaxy (A) 2019 series like the S10 and S10 Plus.

5. On August 13, Samsung Mobile Business Head DJ Coah in New York told reporters that work is going on with 5G phones. It may come to market in March 2019 The next time they will bring such a phone, which can be folded.

6.Samsung S10 is 64 GB of built-in memory, memory can be increased to 400 GB. Samsung galaxy s10 and s10 plus cost is about 67 thousand Rupees