Sunday, September 9, 2018

How to Create paytm merchant account QR cod for your business

How to Create paytm merchant account QR cod for your business,Friend's hope we all have been seen Paytm QR code.Most of you are already paid Shopkeeper bill also.But you have thought about it before, actually how it's works, then today I will Taking about it, and if want to make your won Paytm QR code for accept any payment to handle your business easily.

Its very simple to just accept Paytm. there's zero setup fee, zero annual fee and no hardware concerned. the most effective part is, you'll be able to go live instantly. The Paytm QR Code helps you to settle for digital payments from just about anyone with the Paytm app. If you would like to simply accept quick and straightforward payments follow below steps to Become Paytm merchandiser to simply accept Paytm

Note: You should have to verified your Paytm account KYC at first

How Create Paytm Merchant QR Code Step by Step

1) First of all you have to download Paytm for Business App

2) Now Open it and Select Language then click on Next

3) Then tap on START ACCEPTING PAYMENT and allow all permission

4) Now log in using Paytm account

5) Then click on Get Your QR Code and fill your Name according to adhaar card

6) Now tap on Enter Your Business details and Fill up all details like display name, business category and address etc.

7) Enter bank account number and IFSC CODE then Add Bank

8) Now check your bank details and conform it

   That's it Finally your QR code is redy...

Now you can Download/ share it and you also request to paytm for laminated copy

Terms and conditions

* Unlimited Transfers: There aren't any limits to what proportion you'll transfer to your checking account.

* Straight to your Bank Account: excellent if your staff put into effect bank statements. you're continuously welcome to use Paytm.

* In case you're thinking that this answer is best suited to you, please click here.

Lakhs of merchants across Republic of India have embraced ease and convenience with Paytm, and that we area unit simply obtaining started. therefore act, Paytm karo.

* will Paytm permits cash transfer to Bank?

A. Yes, as a merchandiser, you'll take payments received in your checking account as per limits prescribed by the run.

* What area unit the bank transfer limits?

A. With a basic Paytm billfold, you'll transfer Rs.20,000 per month to your checking account. If you upgrade to a “Self Declared Merchant”, you'll increase this limit to Rs.50,000 a month.
* Why area unit these limits imposed?

A. These limits area unit outlined by the run associate degreed as an run approved billfold, we have a tendency to abide by their laws.

* What area unit the assorted fees involved?

A. Currently, we have a tendency to charge 1/3 fee to transfer cash to bank until thirty first Dec 2017. However, once the Paytm Payments Bank is launched, it'll continuously stay 1/3 if you progress cash to it account

* Why area unit these fees imposed?

A. Paytm incurs price once the cash is other to the billfold. we have a tendency to don't charge that price to our users. once you obtain one thing among Paytm, then conjointly no fees area unit charged to you. However, once cash is taken out of our system to a checking account, we've got to recover the price we have a tendency to incurred at the time of adding funds. we have a tendency to encourage you to pay cash among Paytm to still use it for complimentary.